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    Is Home Sleep Testing the right choice for me?

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    How do I get a Home Sleep Test?

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    Who pays for a Home Sleep Test?

Home Sleep Test Process

Do I meet the criteria for a “HST” Home Sleep Test?
Do I qualify for a home sleep study if I am under 18 years of age?
How does the process work?

The graphic below will explain how the "HST" process works. Please roll over the icons with your mouse pointer to view the steps.

Step 1:

Doctor Referral

Your doctor will send a prescription (referral) requesting a Home Sleep Study.

Step 2:

Appointment Scheduled

Our office will contact you and set up a convenient time for you to receive a Home Sleep Test.

Step 3:

HST Sent to You

We will ship to you a Home Sleep Testing device with detailed instructions on how to perform your sleep test.

Step 4:

Test is Taken

At this point the Home Sleep Study device will determine if you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea “OSA”.*

Step 5:

Test Shipped Back

Now that you have finished your test place the device back in the original packaging along with the prepaid label and ship back to us.

Step 6:

Test Evaluated

After we receive your completed Home Sleep Study we will assess the data for quality and determine if you need another trial at home or if you need to come into the Sleep Lab for further evaluation.

Step 7:


You have now completed your Home Sleep Study and are on your way to correcting your newly diagnosed (OSA) Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We can assist you in acquiring your C-PAP machine (the most preferred way to correct OSA.)

Please roll over the icons to get started.

*Remember a Home Sleep Test is not indicated for anything other than OSA. If you suspect you have another condition other than snoring or stopping breathing please let your Dr. or other practitioner know.

Who pays for a Home Sleep Test?