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Frequently Asked Questions


First you would need to see one of our providers to go over your medical history and discuss any sleep related issues you are experiencing. Once you have your initial visit, the provider will write an order for your sleep study. Vist our contact page if you would like one of our patient care coordinators to call you about scheduling or call our office.

Typically, you do not need a referral to be seen or treated by our providers. However, certain insurances, such a Tricare or the V.A., may require a referral from your primary care provider.

We are in-network with most insurances (Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and many others). If by chance we do not accept your insurance plan, we offer payment plans as well as affordable self-pay pricing options. Please call our office to discuss this further.

Yes! All referring providers are sent a copy of our office notes and your sleep study results.
Our practice specializes in many different sleep disorders. We diagnose, treat, and manage any findings in our patients. However, there are a small number of offices that we have special relationships with who treat and manage their own patients. We strictly only preform the sleep study for them. If a provider from one of these offices refers you, you will only do the sleep study with us, you will not see one of our providers. When your results are complete, we will send them back to your referring provider and they will go over the results and manage any findings.
Yes. If you were ordered a home sleep test, it is fine to sleep during the day or at your normal bedtime. We also accommodate patients who come into the sleep lab by scheduling daytime sleep studies. When scheduling your sleep study, please make sure that you tell our schedulers that you work nightshift and will need a daytime sleep study.

Home Sleep Test

A home sleep test is a medical device that helps to diagnose sleep apnea. You are able to wear it in the comfort of your own home instead of going into a hospital or lab. The device is placed on your chest with a strap to hold it in place. A pulse oximeter is placed on the finger to read oxygen levels. Last, a nasal canula is placed in the nostrils to measure airflow.

In order to receive an HST you would need to be evaluated by one of our specialized providers. If the provider suspects sleep apnea and you meet the requirements of having a home sleep test, they would then write an order for the home sleep test.
Once you have spoken with our scheduling department and confirmed your address, they will schedule a day for your device to be shipped to you. If you are a local patient, we may ask you to come into one of our offices at a designated time to pick up the device. Please ship the device back as soon as you have completed your sleep study. An envelope with prepaid postage will be provided. Please place the envelope in your mailbox for pickup. If you are a local patient, you may be asked to bring the device back to the office.
We ask that you complete your sleep study the night you receive it. We have a waitlist for home sleep test. This means the longer you have it, the longer our other patients have to wait to receive their home sleep test. If you keep the device more than your scheduled day, you could be charged $25 per day until we receive the device back. If you know you cannot complete the test the night you are going to receive it, please schedule a different day that will work better for you.

Typically, you would only wear the device one night. It’s best that you put the device on right before you are ready to go to sleep and keep it on the entirety of the night. We prefer at least four hours of sleep, however the more sleep the better.

If you are experiencing trouble with your device, first check the batteries and make sure they are put in correctly. You can also watch this short video for instructions and tips. If you still need assistance, you can call our office and leave a voice mail for our staff. They will return you call as soon as possible, however depending on the time we cannot guarantee that the call will be returned the same night.


A telemedicine visit is an appointment done virtually using any web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
A telemedicine visit may not be right for every type of medical appointment, however for evaluation and follow-up care in sleep specialty, telemedicine visits are perfectly acceptable.

No. We use a HIPAA compliant platform to protect our patients and their medical information. It is necessary that we use our platform to complete the telemedicine visit. You will receive a link to our platform by text message and/or email at your appointment time. You will click on the link and follow the instructions to start your visit with the provider.

A telemedicine visit is still considered an office visit. Your insurance company determines your copay or co-insurance amount that we are required to collect. Some insurances companies have a separate copay amount for a telemedicine. If you have this benefit this will be the amount you owe. If this is not the case, then you will owe the specialist copay. If you do not have insurance, you will owe the self-pay fee. One of our patient care coordinators will call you prior to your visit to collect your copay.
Depending on the type of visit and the number of questions a patient has, a typical telemed visit last about 15-30 minutes.
The patient is required to be present for the appointment. Our providers must see the patient on the visit. If you are the parent or guardian of a minor, then you both need to be present.
Yes. We will send you a separate link to log in either by text or email, whichever you prefer. You will follow the instructions when prompted. Once you are logged in, the provider will merge you into the visit.
In short, no. As long as you have cellular service if you are using a smartphone or tablet. If you are using a computer or laptop, you will need some type of internet connection or a hotspot in order to log on and complete your visit.

Information for Physicians

Avilys, LLC offers many services for physicians. If you are Boarded Certified in Sleep Medicine or currently interpreting your own studies, we offer you the freedom to continue interpreting your own studies. In the event that another professional opinion is needed in time of absences or difficult cases, we have available a Board Certified Sleep Physician for any questions or concerns you may have. Avilys, LLC also offers insurance pre-certification and scheduling to reduce the burden on your office staff. If you have questions regarding our services tailored to physicians, please contact us at 1-855-228-4597 ext. 806 and we will be happy to answer any questions promptly.