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Telemedicine has grown increasingly popular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our clinic has been using the convenience of telemedicine for years. With patients all over Georgia and the Southeast, telemedicine has helped to provide the proper care to all our patients no matter where they live. The convenience of telemedicine presents patients with options. No more having to take off work, hire a baby-sitter or drive to an office. We can meet you where you are, on your schedule. All while still providing the same level of care through a video-audio chat as we would if you were in the building.

The telemed process:

1. You will receive a call from a patient care coordinator to confirm your information and email address. We will email and text a link for you to fill out new patient paperwork.
2. Once your completed paperwork is received, we will call you and schedule your appointment. You will receive a text message with your appointment details.
3. The day of your appointment, if you have a copay, you will receive a phone call to pay this prior to your visit.
4. You will receive your link to log on to your visit at your appointment time. If you owe a copay, you will receive your link after you have made your payment. Your link will be sent through text and/or email.
5. Click the link to join the “waiting room”. Type your first and last name in the box. Enable your camera and microphone when prompted.
6. The provider will start your visit.

Telemed tips to make your visit as easy and streamlined as possible:

  • You will need a smart phone, tablet, or a computer or laptop with a camera to have a telemed visit.
  • Ensure that you have internet connection.
  • Please only log on at your scheduled appointment time. If you are late to your appointment, you may have to be rescheduled.
  • If it is time for your visit and the provider has not logged on, they may be finishing up with another patient’s telemed visit. Please be patient, they will log on as soon as they are finished.
  • Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any more questions related to telemedicine.

Information for Physicians

Avilys, LLC offers many services for physicians. If you are Boarded Certified in Sleep Medicine or currently interpreting your own studies, we offer you the freedom to continue interpreting your own studies. In the event that another professional opinion is needed in time of absences or difficult cases, we have available a Board Certified Sleep Physician for any questions or concerns you may have. Avilys, LLC also offers insurance pre-certification and scheduling to reduce the burden on your office staff. If you have questions regarding our services tailored to physicians, please contact us at 1-855-228-4597 ext. 806 and we will be happy to answer any questions promptly.